Cheer up Nippon from home!! “OUC48 Project


About 『Cheer up Nippon from home!! “OUC48 Project』





〈Special Edition〉「Yokoyama Yui no Nanyaronaa International Special」


Special edition of “Sasatani Game”. The rule is simple, one of them has to think of any her stuff at home, and other people have to guess what she’s actually thinking. Players are able to ask her some questions such as “Size, How often people use, Color, and etc…” Then the player whoever guess what she’s thinking will be win!!

This is the Special Edition, so we will have three special guests on this talk show!

From BNK48 captain Cherprang Areekul, From CGM48 and theater manager of CGM48 Rina Izuta, and last guest is from Mexico Anna Iriyama!!

This is the special edition 「Yui Yokoyama’s Wondering International Special」and it’s only for today! Don’t miss out!!!


【Show Date】5/25 (Mon) 19:00~20:00


・The host:Yui Yokoyama

・Guests:Cherprang Areekul、Rina Izuta、Anna Iriyama、Miho Miyazaki、Shizuka Oya

【Platform of this talk show】https://youtu.be/gJTzVnj1WvM



〈Special Edition〉「Yokoyama Yui no Nanyaronaa International Special」


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〈特別編〉「横山由依のなんやろなぁ International Special」






この日限りの「International Special」として配信いたします。







【配信プラットフォーム】 https://youtu.be/gJTzVnj1WvM